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How to create robot.txt file for blogger

In this article we will discuss about how to create robot.txt file in blogger. Robot.txt file is very important to create a sitemap for any blog or site. First of all we need to visit ctrlq.org/blogger and type your blog or site address. In my case I have to type https://www.mytech-talks.ml and simply click on generate sitemap my robot.txt file is ready to use.

Now copy robot.txt file and simply paste it in blogger. Goto Settings-> Search Preferences-> Custom Robot.txt (Enable it) and paste robot.txt code and then click on save changes.

You can check it simply visit https://www.mytech-talks.ml/robots.txt also Now your site has a sitemap. Also check it by using https://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

I hope you have find this article helpful. If you like this article then you can also share it with your friends. Share option has been given. If you have any question then you can also ask a question in comment section. I will try to do best.

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