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How to Integrate Custom Domain in blogger

In this article we will discuss about how we can integrate custom domain in blogger. We have mytalk-talks.blogspot.com and we will integrate it with custom domain www.mytalk-talks.ml. We need to buy a custom domain from third party Domain Provider. You can also buy from Google. There are too many Domain Provider like godaddy, bigrock and buy.ooo these providers provide Top Level Domain (TLD) so you can buy from there. Also you can get free Domain from freenom.com but it is not TLD. Freenom provides .tk, .ml and .cf extension domain. You can use it for educational purpose. If you want to create a professional blog then I suggest that you need to buy TLD from godaddy, bigrock or buy.ooo etc.

Integration of Custom Domain in Blogger

You have purchased a custom domain then you can easily integrate in blogger. Follow the steps below.
Goto blogger's Dashboard. Goto Settings then goto Basic after that setup a 3rd party url for your blog. Type custom domain that you have purchased from third party domain provider. Now copy both C Name records (Name Level or Host field-www and destination, Target or Point field-ghs.google.com) also other one and paste it in third party domain provider in manage DNS section with time 3600 sec.

Also put A name record as
With time 3600 sec

After that click on save changes. After few minutes name records will update. Once name records are fully updated click on save in blogger your custom domain will ready to use. Don't forget to redirect your domain to www. So all traffic for example.com will be redirect to www.example.com
As I have mytech-talks.ml site I have redireted to www.mytech-talks.ml so all request will be send to www.mytech-talks.ml

I hope you find this article helpful. If you like this article then you can share it with your friends. Share option has been given. You can also ask any questions in comment section. I will try to do best.

In next article we will discuss about how to enable free https for custom domain in blogger.

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