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Some Important Symbol and their Name

In this article we will discuss about some Important Computer Keyboard Symbol and their name.

! Exclamation Mark
& Ampersand or And

[ ] Square Bracket
[ Open Square Bracket
] Close Square Bracket
{ } Curly Bracket or Curly Braces
{ Open Curly Brace
} Close Curly Brace
( ) Parentheses
( Open Parentheses
) Close Parentheses
< > Angle Bracket
< Less than or Open Angle Bracket
> Greator than or Close Angle Bracket

~ Tilde
` Back Quote or Acute
@ At Sign or At the rate
# Hash or Number Sign
* Asterisk or Star
$ Dollar Sign
% Percent Sign
^ Caret
- Hyphen or Minus or Dash
_ Underscore
; Semi Colon
: Colon
" Quotation Mark or Inverted Commas
' Single Quote
. Dot or Full Stop
? Question Mark
/ Forward Slash
\ Backward Slash
| Pipe or Vertical Bar

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